12 Jul 2007

Don't ignore blogspot blogs

Can't recall the blog but one blogger was saying that if you are serious in making money from your blog then you should get your own domain name. I toally agree with that but what I didn't agree was his suggestion that advertisers should ignore all free blogs including Blogspot blogs hosted on Blogger.

Also noticed that on a number of online advertising sites, several advertisers exclude Blogspot blogs from carrying their advertisements. I agree that there are thousands of Blogspot blogs that are really lousy and hardly receive any web traffic but to generalise them would be a mistake. I know of several Blogspot blogs which are highly popular. Take My Asylum for example. It is a PR 5 blog and receives around 200 visitors per day. Not much but way better than a lot of blogs with their own domain names.

Barring blogs from carrying ads just because they don't have their own domain names simply doesn't make sense. Google PR might be a better screening option.


Unknown said...


i hav a blog at http://brilliantfoto.blogspot.com/. currently its poge rank is 2 and i get 20+ visitors per day which is not tht much. but i m trying and working hard to make it popular..
visit my blog and make a comment if u like it. if u can be a folloer i ll appreciate it. c u around.


Dilip Mutum said...

Hi Nadia, Thanks for dropping by my blog. Going over to yours now. Cheers