8 Jun 2007

Sweep away spyware

It was a few years ago. I noticed that my office PC had noticeably slowed down while I was doing work and would sometimes crash for no reason. It was really frustrating , especially when I was in the middle of preparing an important presentation or writing an article and discovering that I would have to start all over again on starting up the computer.

I initially assumed that it might be an hardware problem - due to RAM failure or overheating of the processor. However, everything was working ok when I checked. I then blamed it on the unstable Windows' operating system. We were still using Windows 98 that time.

I then handed it over to our technical people who informed me that the problem was a multitude of spyware in my computer - probably from a few of the hundreds of software that I had downloaded from the net. To get rid of it, they had to completely format my hard disk and reinstall the operating system.

I wish I had Spy Sweeper at that time. This antispyware software has won the most awards and according to Download.com:
Definitely worth the money

Spy Sweeper has one of the most advanced spyware detection, blocking and removal programs available that can beat dangerous spyware programs. It even detects spyware hiden using rootkit technology.

Unlike other Spyware detection programs which you have to run from time to time in order to clean any spyware that you may have unwittingly let into your system, Spy Sweeper has powerful new Smart Shields that block known and emerging spyware threats as you browse. To ensure that users are protected all the time, Spy Sweeper's definition database is regularly updated automatically. Plus it comes with free customer support.

Don't just believe my words - look at what PC Magazine, PC World, Download.com and SmartComputing has to say about this software. Right now the License for 1 PC is $29.95. However, they are offering the software for only $19.95 now. You save $10.

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