19 Jun 2007

Projector rentals

You may require a portable LCD projector for a number of reasons - a get-together, parties, a meeting, a sales presentation or any other event where you need to show a video or a presentation. However, these equipment do not come cheap and it may be a better idea to rent them whenever you need them, rather than buy one.

In case you are not aware, you can rent the latest in projector technology from Projector123.com across the United States. So if you are in Chicago looking for a Chicago Projector Rental, you might want to consider this company. They will deliver it right to your door by FedEx.

besides, CHicago, IL, they are now targeting customers in New York City (Long Island), Los Angeles (LA County), Philadelphia, PA, San Jose (Santa Clara County), CA, Detroit, MI, Indianapolis, IN, Jacksonville, FL, San Francisco (north to Santa Rosa), CA and Columbus, OH.

To order, all you need to do is complete the online order form on their site.

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