21 Jun 2007

Online backup service provider

If you are using a computer and I guess you are since you are reading this, there is one mantra that all of you must remember if you want to avoid a possible disaster in the future. The mantra is "backup, backup and backup".

Listen to me because I am talking from experience and one of my disasters was loosing the only soft copy I had, of my MBA thesis when my PC crashed and they will crash. All my photos, media files or other documents were also lost. This wouldn't have happened if I had backed them up.

There are many options available - on a CD, on one of those small flash drives, an external hard disk or online with a backup service provider. The last option is a good choice because of one major factor: you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. This means you don't have to lug around an external hard drive anymore.

Out of all the service providers out there providing online backup, one of the best is IDrive-E. You have two options:
1. IDrive-E Basic, which gives you 2GB of backup space absolutely free.
2. IDrive-E Pro. With is option you will get unlimited storage space for just $4.95/month.

Their service is fast and secure. They are much cheaper than their competitors even though they have even more features. I definitely recommend this service.


Unknown said...

hi sir
i m hong teong (ht). i not familiar with blog.
while, i oso lose your email address. that makes me lose contact with u. luckily i can get u by google search engine.
actually, i got something to ask u.
which mba in malaysia is good? um, usm, upm, o uum?
cos may further study.
is uum a good option for mba?
hope sir can give me some guides on choosing the university for mba.
hope to hear from u soon
best regard

Dilip Mutum said...

Ng, Nice to hear from you. I am now in the UK. You can contact me at ahoklah@gmail.com