20 Jun 2007

Join other quality bloggers

If you think you have a good quality blog and want to share you posts with other quality bloggers, you might want to join BlogaboutyourBlog.com, a collaborative blog.

Besides sharing your articles and ideas with other bloggers, this site can help increase web site traffic. You can contribute on the blog (which is PR 4 when I last checked) and build links to your site.

Even if you aren't interested in contributing articles to the blog, you can participate in other ways. There are competitions with great prizes like a mini fridge. Every Friday, one lucky blogger is chosen who wins a free link back to their site.

There were some really interesting posts like the latest "Don’t be shy when promoting your blog" by Ed. I would have loved it if there were some images though. The whole site could do with a bit of colour but that's just me.


Matthew said...

decent post, good not great

rating you a 4 :) (woulda been three but you threw in that extra link)


Dilip Mutum said...

Thanks for the rating Poet.