10 Jun 2007

Have a bla.st

Just added my card to bla.st.

In case you haven't heard, Bla.st allows you to promote your website or blog or for that matter, almost anything on th site, for free. And you can have it online for 10 years.

Check out my card:
Yes! I know. It is on the bottom of the list on the"Websites & blogs" category, but I plan to change that soon.

How do I do that?

Well, payment is totally optional but but there are ways to move up the list on your category without paying anything. Carrying a link adds 1c/day for a year to your card. Better still, if you write a blog entry or review (positive or negative) about bla.st (like I am doing right now), they will add 2c/day to your card - thus moving your card up in the right direction.

You can also earn a bit of money through referrals by putting up the bla.st widget on your site. Check it out on my sidebar. So are you having a bla.st too?


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