30 Jun 2007

Exhibits mean everything in trade shows

Some of my friends think I am crazy because I like going to exhibitions, museums, conventions and trade shows. However the ones that interest me the most are the trade shows related to technology, especially the computer trade shows. I would have loved to visit CeBIT which was held in Hanover, Germany from 15 March to 21 March. Maybe next time.

There are several reasons why I like to visit such events. I get to see the latest gadgets available in the market and most of them have are at bargain prices. And of course there are the freebies. By the time we leave the venue, you are sure to have at least a few bag full of free goodies. My most memorable event has to be the time I won a Palm handheld in a lucky draw.

Most people don't know it but the trade show industry is one of the largest in the world. When you visit some of the big ones like CeBIT, you can see that it is a very serious affair and the companies try to show off their products and services the best way they can. However, preparing your booth and the displays can prove to be an extremely costly and time consuming task. It might be wise to leave it to the experts.

If you are planning to join a trade show, you might want to consider Nimlok Louisiana. This global industry leader has over 30 years of experience, with an international network of distributors in 56 countries. They would be able to satisfy every possible visual marketing needs for your trade show exhibit, with products ranging from modular displays to portable booths. They can help you remain within budget, meet your objectives and keep to time.

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