29 Jun 2007

Adsense referrals 2.0 coming to you soon

Adsense referrals 2.0 will soon be available to all AdSense publishers. Listed below are few of the key benefits mentioned on Inside AdSense, the AdSense blog:

- Expanded product inventory: Previously there were only a few Google products to choose from, now we will be able to choose products from thousands of AdWords advertisers.

- Category and keyword targeting: There will be a new option to refer products by category and keyword. Choose by specific category, advertiser, or product and AdSense will figure out which ones will perform best on your site.

- Ad unit optimization: By selecting the Pick best performing ads option, when we create a new referral ad unit, referrals 2.0 will compare the selected ads to other relevant ads, and serve the ads expected to perform best on our site.

- Better targeting for pages with multiple themes: If we have a number of themes on our page, we can now use unique "keywords" for each ad unit to narrow the targeting directly to the theme we want. Hopefully this will translate to higher earnings.

- Greater compensation for high-quality traffic: We will be able to earn more with the referrals, if the traffic through the ads posted on our site translates to completed sales or lead.

- Add your seal of approval: Unlike AdSense for content ads, Google's program policies allows us to add personal reviews of the products we refer.
For example, If you look at the top of my side bar, you will see a referral button for the Google pack. This is a pack of FREE software specifically selected by Google. All are spyware free too.

So how do we start with referral 2.0?

1. Click the AdSense Setup tab in your account
2. Click Referrals.

Don't be worried if you don't see referrals 2.0. I didn't too. Google is gradually making the feature available to all accounts over the next few weeks.

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