30 May 2007

Most popular social networking site in India

No! It's not Myspace or Friendster. It's Orkut.

As of today, it is the second most popular site in India. In fact, Indians now form the 3rd largest number of Orkut users (15.01%) after Brazil (55.64%) and the US (18.94%). See here. Of course, the numbers might not be that accurate as I discovered that a lot of my Indian friends were all over the World, including the US.

I recently became a member on the invitation of one of my old friends from India. We had studied in the same University there - Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, in Himachal Pradesh.

As I already have a gmail account, signing up was quite easy. In case you did not know, Orkut is owned by Google Inc. Anyway, it was amazing. I got in touch with a lot of long lost friends (all alumni from the same university) and even some relatives.

I guess the difference with other social networks like Friendster and Myspace is that it doesn't have a Blogging feature and you can't make your profile private (apart from some details). Of course the blogging part can be solved quite easily by integrating Blogger with it.

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