25 Mar 2007

Bye Kontera

I signed up with Kontera some time back and tested it on my ah ok lah blog.

In case you are wondering how it works, you have to insert a snippet of coding into your website html coding. Contextually relevant keyword is identified on your web page and automatically turned into a link to the most relevant ad from among Kontera´s advertisers - Kontera calls this ContentLink™. You earn revenue on a Cost-Per-Click basis.

After the trial run, I have decided that it is not right for me.

A lot of my friends complained that the links were distracting and made my site feel too commercial. I also found out that the money earned was negligible. No even US$2 in 22 days. I earn more from Google adsense and their ads are unobtrusive.

Kontera might be a good means of earning revenue for websites who receive thousands of visitors every day but not one like mine.

Just found out that it is now known as Amobee.

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