20 May 2017

Glovax adventure gloves review

This is a long overdue review.

Received a fantastic pair of gloves a couple of weeks ago and is here is my review after testing them out. The gloves I got were the  Glovax pro gloves - which are bright orange. I tried them out while preparing food, repairing my car and also when gardening and it was perfect.

The Glovax pro gloves are meant for outdoors and daily use and though they look like the rubberized gloves you can get in your local DIY store, they are very different. According to Owen Zhang, the guy behind the gloves, the gloves are made from special yarn materials developed by their partner factory in Zhejiang China - really amazing tech as I found out.

The gloves are abrasion, cut resistant and tear resistant (watch the video). The micro pattern of the coating on the gloves makes them water proof (at least where the coating is present), oil proof and very grippy, making them a perfect glove for various activities including fishing, car repair work, gardening, etc.

The gloves are very soft and comfortable ( I got the XL size)  and quite light weight (about 40 gms). Moreover, I found the glove doesn't become uncomfortable when I sweat as the fabric  absorbs the sweat.

They have recently launched their campaign on Indiegogo.

The MSRP of the Glovax pro will be US$49 but you can now get them for just US$29 (+ shipping).

Watch me trying to cut the gloves while I was wearing them, with a really sharp kitchen knife.