31 Mar 2017

The New Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

I have a long time fan of Samsung phones but they have been quite disappointing the past few years. In fact, it has been 2 years since I last had a Samsung phone. 

Following the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debacle, I was looking forward to see what the company would come up with. And they have not disappointed..

There are so many reviews of the Samsung Galaxy S8 out there so I will just focus on the highlights of the new phones,

The first one would have to be the new edge-to-edge bezel-less "Infinity Display". It simply looks amazing. And even though the new S8 is almost the same size as the S7, the new phones have much bigger screens.

Regarding the camera, the only difference to the S7 seems to be a software upgrade which automatically combines multiple shots to create a great looking picture. The front camera (8MP) now comes with autofocus.

The phones also have a IP68 rating, meaning that being caught in a heady downpour or sand storm will not kill the phone.

However, the unique innovation has to be the iris scanning tech. That and the fingerprint sensor makes the S8 quite secure - the stuff we used to see in sci-fi movies are a reality now.

Other extras include 4GB RAM, 64GB storage plus expandable SD card slot.