26 Apr 2011

mRockstar - New social network coming soon

Just booked my user name with mRockstar, a new social networking site which is due to be launched soon. Short for "I'm Rockstar", the new social network will be open for its verified beta-testers by August 5, 2011.

So what's different about this social network?

Well, I have very little info other than that two hip-hop artists in India, Tomm Dogg (Malav Karkar) and K.J. (Rohit Gaur) came up with the concept. I guess the clue is in the name and it will have something to do with music and people who love music - but that's just my hunch.

Accordind to the note I received from them, "mRockstar is all about making new friends, playing favorite music, communicating with idols and key people of corporate world".

Looking forward to the launch.

24 Apr 2011

Facebook emails

Ever since Facebook announced that they were going to providing an @facebook.com email address to every person on Facebook which wants one, I have been waiting for the invitation. I finally got one yesterday and signed up straight away.

After you sign up, you can email anybody directly by going to Facebook Messages and then typing in the email of the person you want to send the email to where you would normally enter your Facebook friend's name. You also have the option of attaching a file or taking a picture or video. However, I am not sure why, when I last tried it, the file attachment function was not working.

However, there are people who are harvesting people's emails by luring them to a fake Facebook email signup app. So be careful.

Watch out Gmail, Facebook mail is here.

23 Apr 2011

Tweet Topic Explorer

Just found out about this unique tool called Tweet Topic Explorer which displays your most recent tweets and the most common words used in the tweets. Words most often used together are grouped by the same colour.

Here's my output:

11 Apr 2011

Lucky students get free 4G connectivity

According to a news report, students of SEGi University College in Malaysia will enjoy FREE 4G Internet connectivity upon registration. thanks to a recent memorandum of understanding (MoU) between SEGi Education Group and YTL Communications.

YTL's service called "YES" is said to be one of the fastest and most stable connections in Malaysia.

According to the report, the lucky students will get "300MB of data usage every month with no minimum usage and no activation fee for as long as they are enrolled at the institution".

If they are heavy users, they can opt for the "Campuspack 28" package which includes 1GB of data, 100 minutes of voice calls and 400 SMS for just RM28 (approx.£5.65) a month. They can then buy reloads of RM10.

SEGi is the first private institution of higher learning in Malaysia to collaborate with YTL to provide its students with free YES 4G mobile Internet as part of the company's Education Partner Programme (EPP) initiative.

Read the complete new report: High speed campus by AMINUDDIN MOHSIN

6 Apr 2011

LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman on Web 3.0

LinkedIn CEO Reid Hoffman talks about the future of the web at the Web 2.0 Expo in San Francisco. According to him, Web 3.0 will be centered around data entered in applications by everyone.

New Logo 2011

I had been thinking of changing my blog's logo for quite sometime and finally decided to get someone to design it for me.

My brief was short - a simple, neat and tidy logo and I think the designer - allodenny, has done a decent job.

And the cost, it was not free but it was dirt cheap that I am ashamed to post it here.

My old logo looked liked this:

So what do you think?