12 Apr 2007

T-shirt contest

My regular readers will recall that I ran a t-shirt contest on my auto blog sometime back but it was not very successful. Anyway, there's another contest. You stand to win a flippingrich t-shirt sponsored by TheBlogWorld .

All you have to do is write a blog post about this contest on your blog and then leave a comment on the flippingrich blog so that they know you have entered. It's that easy.

BTW, if you are new to blogging or want to monetize your site, you should visit TheBlogWorld.

9 Apr 2007

Google top search terms

Wanted to know what most people were searching for in 2006.? Google released the Year-end Zeitgeist.
The top search term in Google.com, was Bebo followed by MySpace, whereas, it was Paris Hilton followed by Orlando Bloom in Google News.

They have other categories like "What's hot?", "Current Events", etc.