13 Dec 2008

Google Chrome out of Beta

Chrome - the browser from Google is now out of Beta. Right now the latest version is only available for WIndows but I read that the Mac version is coming out soon.

The download was really fast and installation was a breeze. However, I had to close my Firefox browser before the installation could go ahead.

The guys at Google are not joking when they said that it "starts up fast".

However, I am not ready to shift from Firefox just as yet. I guess the biggest advantage that Firefox has over Chrome are the customisable add-ons or extensions.


complaints said...

And it is not that much good also. Need to work on it for long .

Lafayette Injury Attorney said...

I won't switch from FireFox unless Chrome is as customizable.

Karry said...

Aren't you worried about Google knowing all that about you. They can track all your bookmarks??? Can't they? This would only lead me to believe they set up Chrome so that they can benefit themselves in the future with personal, and be able to pin point you for certain marketing based off your internet navigation. Just something to think about. Do we really want google to know all about your browsing history? I dont think so.

Lafayette Attorney said...


Great Point - they are already targeting ads to your search criteria using a non Chrome browser...I can't imagine what they have in store for their own browser.

Sarah said...

I have been finding lately that the newer version of firefox is running a lot slower. It takes a long time to start up and if you close it and quickly decided you want to open it again, i get a pop up that say i am still running firefox and it won't let me open a new instance. I then have to wait a few seconds to start it up again, its kind of a pain.

mecozz said...

until now i like use firefox

Joe said...

yeah it is fast, and i have faith in google that it will be the best browser, just gotta give it time. Extensions are a must.

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