4 Jul 2008

New recent comments widget

For quite sometime, I have been using the "recent comments" widget provided by Blogger templates. However, I noticed that they have stopped working. A number of Blogger users have been asking for a "recent comments" widget for quite sometime but the guys at Blogger don't seem to be listening. Going through all the gadgets you can add to your blog in Blogger in draft, I came across the Blogger comments gadget provided by Tigersyard.com. It shows the latest comments of any blogger blog. However you need to know your Blog ID. It's not perfect but it is the best working wigdet for this purpose. I am sure others will come and improve it further. I would prefer to have a few lines instead of the whole comment listed. Please tell me if you have a solution.


shawn said...

i know how to put recent comments up to five. if you wanna learn about it then leave a message on my blog's shoutbox. I'm going to post about it a couple of days. thanks

shawn said...

another thing, don't reply on my message here... i won't know about it...thanks

home based travel agent said...

Have you tried to contact Blogger (Google) about this comment widget?

-Regards: a home based travel agent

self-helps said...

If Blogger doesn't offer a commenting widget, how about WordPress?

Gemma said...

I've just started using Wordpress myself. It seems to be a very powerful blog app but clunky with it. I had heard it offers more functionality than Blogger. Would that be a fair comment?

Adam Dilip Mutum said...

Gemma: I totally agree that WP powered blogs definitely has more to offer. But hosting on Blogger is totally free and you don't have to worry about the severs going down or companies going out of business (at least not in the recent future).


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